My work is paradoxical: flat, yet dimensional, and bold with an inner quiet, hard edged yet fragile, cartoonish but serious. I am interested in the transformation that happens when these opposing elements are confronted with a new context. In my work there is an geometry with a built in wobble--a structure with an underlying undoing-a precision with a persistent irregularity. There is tension in places where planes transition- they collide and overlap, and where muted colors meet bright colors, forming a harmonic and balanced, yet discordant tension. I am motivated by that which occurs when these disparate things engage.
Recently I have developed a new body of work in paintings and ceramics.The ceramic work is a direct extension of my shaped paintings and paper constructions, and represents the embodiment of my journey from New York to Florida and to Turkey. Situated within contemporary notions of the interdisciplinary arts, this body of work demonstrates a complicated dialog between painting and sculpture, acknowledging the contemporary discourse surrounding the interplay between painting and ceramics in particular. 
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